A constellation of villages and townships, each sporting their individual flare and personality, offer visitors unique tastes of our Burnett County culture.


As you cross over the flowing waters of the St. Croix River into Wisconsin, you’ll be welcomed into the Village of Grantsburg.  Home to the breathtaking meadows of Crex Meadows Wildlife Area, one of the largest state owned wildlife areas, and boasting fantastic trailways and access to the St. Croix, Grantsburg is a must see for the nature and wildlife enthusiast. The World Championship Snowmobile Watercross, started in 1977,  brings thousands of spectators to Grantsburg to watch snowmobiles perform at speeds of up to 80 mph.


A bit farther into the county lies the Village of Siren. Teaming with activity, you’ll discover fine dining, unique shopping opportunities, and plenty of accommodation options for your stay.  Named after the Swedish word for lilac, Siren (originally Syren) prides itself on offering great community events. Each September, Harvestfest celebrates local eateries with a tasting event and local artisans with a craft fair. Most notably, the 4th of July celebrations include a parade, 5K, bed races and a popular street dance.


Just north of Siren, you’ll find the Village of Webster. With a quaint main street offering a used book store, antique shop, coffee and more, this small town is an authentic representation of life in rural Wisconsin.  Built in 1900, one of the oldest residences in the village now operates as a luncheon, serving up delicious home-style meals for breakfast and lunch.  Unexpected culinary finds include a coffee shop serving lobster breakfast pizzas, and a Mexican Food Truck serving delicious cuisine throughout the summer. The second weekend in August marks Gandy Dancer Days, a local celebration featuring on of the largest arts & crafts fairs in Burnett County.


In the northernmost reaches of Burnett County lies Danbury. Home to Fort Folle Avoine, a unique historical trading post site, and a state of the art casino and hotel, Danbury truly is a juxtaposition of past and present.  Steeped in the cultural traditions of the St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin, events such as the annual St. Croix Traditional Wild Rice Pow-Wow celebrate the rich history of the tribe while inviting visitors to partake in festivities. Other local events include Oktoberfest, a celebration of a strong German culture, offering German beer, food, music and more.

Webb Lake and A&H

Hidden down winding county roads, you’ll also find a handful of small communities with just as much to offer visitors. Webb Lake attracts motorsports enthusiasts to a busy sports shop offering everything needed for a fun northwoods getaway. With a St. Patrick’s day that swells a small community to almost 20 times its original size, Webb Lake is a fun stop in your tour of Burnett County. At an intersection of two county roads, you’ll find the small community of A&H. Home to great bars and restaurants, as well as the historic local store and a world-class copper art gallery, A&H has everything you’d need for a weekend away.

Hertel and Trade Lake

The small community of Hertel, located east of Siren is home to another St. Croix casino, while the southern Trade Lake region is home to the Fish Lake Wildlife Area and many opportunities for outdoor recreation on water and trailways.

Wherever you travel in Burnett County, fun experiences are always around the corner.


2015 Guide