Inspiring Wildlife

The recognizable call of the loon, or the cracking of leaves as a doe and her fawn make their way through the fall foliage – the incredible wildlife that is so prevalent throughout Burnett County has inspired paintings, photography, music and more. With wildlife is abundant; stopping on the back roads to let a flock of wild turkeys meander their way from one side to another is commonplace. Black bears, satisfying their curiosity and sweet tooth, lope slowly across a back yard and playfully bat at hummingbird feeders.

Nine wildlife areas in the county allow birding enthusiasts from around the country the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see or capture the image of a rare bird – and with over 185 thousand acres of public land at your disposal, you’ll find some of the best hunting and fishing in Burnett County. Home of the record breaking Jordan Buck as well as the current State record Hook and Line Sturgeon, hunters and fisherman flock to this neck of the woods in search of their own trophy harvest.

Almost everywhere you look you’ll find inspiring wildlife; beautiful and interesting creatures that encourage you to appreciate the natural spaces all around you.