With over 185 thousand acres of public land at your disposal, you’ll find some of the best hunting and fishing in Burnett County.

Responsible hunting is a tradition in Burnett County, and hunters can partake in popular seasons including black bear, Canada geese, ducks, ruffed grouse, whitetail deer and wild turkey. A legend all in its own, the Jordan Buck, harvested in on the banks of the Yellow River in 1914, was the world record typical whitetail until 1993. To this day it remains a close second, but to residents of Burnett County it is second to none. In celebration of the 100 year anniversary, residents worked together to create the Jordan Buck community art project – a larger than life kinetic sculpture that will be showcased at community events for years to come. A heri- tage hike was developed, following the trail of the Jordan Buck along the Yellow River. Songs were written and sung by all in celebration of this extraordinary harvest.

Find your trophy in Burnett County.