Spirited Waters

When we say spirited waters, we mean it. From lively lakes promising an afternoon of swimming and water sports, to flowing rivers full of energy, calling water enthusiasts to a day navigating the currents, our waters replenish your spirit with adventure and excitement.

Boasting nearly 80 miles of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, and a grand total of 14 rivers, you have truly entered river country. Paddle through the most scenic places in the region; follow the Namekagon River as it winds it’s way through the northern barrens or travel the Clam River with a rod and reel. Some of the very best fishing can be found as you cast your line over the guardrails of a bridge as the water moves slowly beneath it.

As you travel throughout the county, the number of lakes will immediately strike you. At 508 named bodies of water, our pristine waters are open for your enjoyment. Picture yourself at the end of a wooden dock, toes in the water, sunshine on your neck – this is what vacations are made of. Take a swim at one of our many public landings, and feel your stress melt away. Exciting afternoons of boating and waterskiing make way for relaxing evening of sunset pontoon rides and stargazing.