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Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park

Burnett County Historical Society
Address 8500 County Road U Danbury WI 54830 Phone: 715-349-8989 Website: Visit Website


This fun, 80-acre historical park sits on the site of two early 1800s fur trade posts, which had been hidden for over 160 years. It is the only known instance of two competing trading companies having trading posts in such close proximity to one another. Supported by the Burnett County Historical Society, the trading posts were reconstructed in the 1980s, giving residents and visitors a way to connect to Burnett County’s past.

The park offers tours of the site and Woodland Indian Village. Enjoy the over 100 year-old log visitor center with a gift shop, fur trade and Native American exhibits, the blacksmith shop, a one-room schoolhouse, the logging museum, research library, amphitheater, nature trails and special events year-round.