february, 2018

17feballdayIndoor Rendezvous Trade Fair


Event Details

Feb 17th
10am – 4pm
10am – 2pm Primitive Biathlon

Feb 18th
10am – 3pm
11am presentation in Fur Trade Museum: Hunting in Primitive Style.

Open to the public and Traders this event is a “once a year” opportunity for you to get great deals on merchandise that the Traders want to clear out of their inventory.

​You never know if you will find just the item you are looking for, not to mention the fun and camaraderie of a Traders camp, indoors, at the end of February.

Admission to this event is free to the public. The Gift Shop will be open during this event on Saturday and Sunday.

NEW EVENT DURING THE TRADE FAIR! On Saturday, February 17th there will be Primitive Biathlon held on the grounds of Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park. More information can be found on the Primitive Biathlon Page.

Traders cost is $10.00 per 3′ by 6′ table, limit of 2 (includes both Saturday and Sunday)

Setup for Traders/Winter Encampment
8:00am – 8:00pm Friday the 16th
8:00am – 10.00am Saturday the 17th

Accommodations: Traders may bring a cot or bed roll to sleep in your table space or there are lodgings close by. A Winter Encampment space will be available outside the Visitor Center for anyone who wishes to set up a tent outdoors. There will be no charge to camp.


february 17 (Saturday) - 18 (Sunday)


Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park