Board Of Directors

Chuck Anderson (10th Hole): President
Kim Wheeler (Wildwood Business Solutions): Vice President
Marilyn Chesnik (Wild River Outfitters): Treasurer
Harriet Rice (Studio Northwoods): Secretary
Bill Johnston (Siren Auction): Member at Large
Dawn Nelson (Gandy Dancer Saloon): Member at Large
Darla Harper (XXXXXX): Member at Large


The Burnett County Tourism Coalition (BCTC) is made up of businesses and community members with a collective goal to “grow tourism in Burnett County.” We are a diverse group of business owners and community members with the express intent of helping the whole over the individual, and all of our initiatives are focused on providing our impoverished County with a strong source of tax revenue as well is increased traffic for our small businesses.

Tourism has a 6:1 return on investment, and isn’t simply about putting more money into the pockets of our small business owners.


Our Goals

  1. Develop a brand for Burnett County
  2. Create top of mind awareness of Burnett County as a destination
  3. Increase tourism revenue in the County
  4. Facilitate the creation of a full-time Burnett County tourism staff person
  5. Partner with community organizations to ensure clear communication

Why Tourism?

More tourism --> More dollars flowing through the county --> Greater opportunities for business retention and expansion --> More jobs and amenities for people who live in Burnett County --> Creating a viable and growing future.

What Do We Do?

BCTC focuses on marketing, advertising and PR. We work to promote the whole over the individual.

  1. Create and manage a tourism-focused website,; featuring free and paid business listings, advertising and sponsorship opportunities, event calendar and more.
  2. Manage the Burnett County, WI Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  3. Execute Google Ads and other digital marketing initiatives
  4. Design and place print advertising in major metro markets
  5. Partner with Yellow River Advertising & Design on the annual Burnett County Guide & Map project for brand consistency
  6. Manage the annual Burnett County Top 10 Must Dos voting process
  7. Contract with Burnett County Government to execute tourism initiatives


Website users : 35,165 since January 2016

Facebook likes: Gained 2,398 since we took over the account in 2015

Facebook impressions: 2,394,689 since 2016

Billboard: 1,150,743 impressions

Visitor spending: 8% average increase from 2010-2012 to 2013-2019

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