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Back Country Bike Club/Webb Lake Men’s Club

Address 31453 N Webb Lake Rd Webb Lake WI 54830 Website: Visit Website


Fat Dog Rally – Saturday, October 21

Back Country Bike Club was formed to bring another recreational sport and activity to the Webb Lake area. Trails are carved through some of Burnett County’s most scenic forest areas, wind over hills, through the forest, and around unspoiled lakes that most people have never seen.

Dogtown Cluster Trail is north of Highway 77 and provides challenging wooded trails while riding next to or around 3 different lakes and is approximately 7 miles of riding.

Big Bear Trail is located south of Highway 77. This trail goes through towering pines and across small running creeks and is approximately 6.5 miles long.

The Webb Lake Men’s Club was founded in the early 1970’s, to raise money for local area charities, build projects to help the community and promote local area businesses.