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What Burnett County may lack in quantity we make up for in quality and diversity. There is something for every palate here, from artisan delicatessens and fine dining restaurants, to carhop drive ins and Mexican food trucks, you’re sure to satisfy your cravings.


Burnett County is home to food and dining traditions that are simply too good to not partake. Travel through the area on a Friday evening and you’re sure to stumble across a Friday night fish fry at nearly every dining establishment. You’ll also find many signs enticing traffic to stop in for a meat raffle. These fundraising events are fun spaces to gather as a community to support local nonprofits and perhaps even walk away with a few steaks.


Breakfast diners, coffee shops and small cafes can be found around the County and are perfect for a bite to eat with friends and family. In the summers you’ll find two drive in restaurants, one in Grantsburg and the other in Webster, serving up delicious root beer floats and golden brown cheese curds.

Our growing food truck population has been quite a treat during the warmer months with travelling BBQs, Mexican burrito trucks, American classics and more are scattered throughout our towns.


And what’s a trip to Wisconsin without a stop at the world-class Burnett Dairy? Their recently remodeled retail store and artisan bistro is sure to impress even the most discerning of taste buds.

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