Great Lakes Small Streams: A Traveling Display comes to Burnett County


We drink it, fish in it, clean with it, swim in it and travel across it. Water has always been critical for our survival.

The Great Lakes region where we live is home to one of the largest freshwater resources on the planet. That water shaped the landscape, history and communities of our state and our county.

From June 20 to July 15, Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park will have on display a traveling exhibit from the Wisconsin Historical Society.  This exhibit, “Great Lakes Small Streams: How Water Shapes Wisconsin”, explores Wisconsin’s long relationship with water and the impact we have had on our vast waterways.

The traveling exhibit will be enhanced with local photos and items provided by the Burnett County Historical Society which showcase how the lakes and streams in our county have been used over the years, beginning with the Ojibwe and Fur Traders over two centuries ago down to the present day.

The dates of the traveling exhibit overlap the Yellow River Echoes event (June 22-24), the Booya (June 23), Full Moon Program (June 27), and Wild Rice Pancake Breakfast (July 1) giving people one more reason to attend these special summer events.

General Admission to the historical park will include this traveling exhibit at no additional charge.  Members of the Burnett County Historical Society may view this exhibit for free.

The Forts is open Wednesday-Sunday, 10am – 4pm.  For additional information, refer to or call 715-866-8890.