Siren Destination Wedding Fair

Siren Destination Wedding Fair

I hear wedding bells! I am so incredibly excited to be attending my first Siren Destination Wedding Fair here at the end of the month. I will be there taking pictures for the paper, but I will also be enjoying the event as a bridesmaid to one of my dear friends who is getting married next September. The event is going to be hosted at the Northwoods Crossing Event Center on January 27th, 2019 from 11am – 3pm. It will include a wide variety of vendors and activities including drawings throughout the event.

Wedding Fair

As an experienced bridesmaid (I have been a bridesmaid in 10 weddings so far and I am only 24 so I am well on my way to 27 dresses, if you know what I mean), I believe I am qualified to give you these top 5 reasons for attending a wedding fair if you are planning your big day sometime this upcoming year:

Reason #1:

It is FUN! Bring your friends, your bridesmaids, your family and future in laws along on the journey to join in on the fun. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised with just how good of a time you can have while brainstorming for the big day.

Reason #2:

You get some great ideas! You may think your secret Pinterest board is PERFECT, and it very well may be; but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a few new ideas while out and about with your friends and family. There are tons of vendors to be inspired by and you will definitely see what is going to be trending this upcoming year in the great big world of weddings.

Reason #3:

You could win big! Most wedding fairs (and the Siren Destination Wedding Fair, specifically) will usually do big drawings and giveaways just for attending the event! What sounds better than FREE? Not only that, vendors are often quick to give discounts to those that are coming by and visiting their booths.



Reason #4:

You can solidify your suppliers. This part is HUGE. How great would it be to confirm your caterer, florist, and photographer all in one day?

Reason #5:

You have the opportunity to find out just what it is that you want. This is a great opportunity to physically see your vision (and Pinterest board) come to life. On the other hand, it also serves as primetime to find out what you do NOT want. You may have had your heart set on your colors being Navy Blue, but turns out you REALLY like those Sapphire-colored bridesmaid dresses now that you finally see them in person.

I hope to see you there! If this is your first wedding fair, stay optimistic and open-minded throughout the day and the event will be a success! Don’t forget to bring a camera along because you are going to see so much in one day, you’re going to want to have photo evidence of the things you really liked so that you remember them six months from now.

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