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While the warmer months are certainly a great time to visit Burnett County, you may hear many folks boast that our winter sports and activities offer the most fun to be had. From snowshoe hikes through miles of lit trailways in the eastern part of the County to over 300 miles of Winter-use ATV/UTV and snowmobile trails, there is something for everyone who isn’t afraid to enjoy the chilly weather.

Snowmobiling and Winter-Use ATV/UTV

Winters in Burnett County are arguably the most exciting and refreshing time to be an outdoor enthusiast. With over 300 miles of groomed trailways, an entire day spent snowmobiling the county is not unheard of. With many restaurants located along the trail system, stop- ping in for a hot chocolate or bite to eat couldn’t be more convenient. Bring your own sled or stop by one of our sports outfitters for a rental sled.

If you’ve somehow found your way through over 300 miles of trails in Burnett County, our trail system connects to all surrounding counties, including Pine County, Minnesota.

When Can I Ride?

From December 1st thru March 31st, trails are officially open when 4 inches of groomed snow is present. Be sure to check the County's Trail Updates or follow the Burnett County Snow Trails Association on Facebook for the latest information.

Snowshoeing and XC Skiing

For the silent sport enthusiast, spend some time on any one of our seven scenic trails found throughout the county. With trails for every skill level, you’ll be able to find the perfect stretch of trails.

Cross country skiers are encouraged to meander along the Yellow River on the Forts Folle Avoine trail, or head to Timberland Hills for adventurous night skiing.

Trail System Location Map More Info
Brant PinesGrantsburg MapWI DNR : 715-463-2898
Forts Folle AvoineDanbury Website
Grettum Ski TrailsGrantsburgMapWebsite
Hay CreekGrantsburgMapNordic Ski TrailGrantsburgMap
Phantom Lake TrailsGrantsburgMapWebsite
Sand Rock CliffsGrantsburgMapPDF
Timberland HillsCumberlandMapWebsite
Voyager VillageDanburyMapWebsite
Webb Lake Ski TrailsWebb LakeMap

Ice Fishing

An area tradition, ice fishing in Burnett County is a sport all of its own. Bring the family and friends out for a day on the frozen lake and try your luck at catching that evening’s dinner. Keep an ear out for one of the many area ice fishing contests, designed both to test your skill and bring the community together.

Event Calendar

Check it out for area ice fishing contests!

Winter Seasons

Early inland trout (catch and release)
January 6 (5 a.m.) to May 4

Free fishing weekend
January 20-21, 2018


You’ll find some of the best hunting in Burnett County. With over 150,000 acres of public land, 13 rivers and streams and over 500 named lakes, this is a destination for visitors with a passion for the great outdoors.  With storied history, Burnett County is home to the world-famous, record-breaking Jordan Buck, the Wisconsin record black bear, and the state record Hook and Line sturgeon. But these trophies aren’t just tales to tell around a fire at the hunting cabin - hunters and fishermen are still pursuing trophies. In 2017 alone, two bowhunters harvested once-in-a-lifetime bucks which were covered in local and regional news. Additionally, the state record catch-and-release musky was reeled in last year.

Hunters can take part in various seasons throughout the year including black bear, Canada geese, ducks, ruffed grouse, whitetail deer and wild turkey. 

Find your trophy in Burnett County.



DNR Customer Service
Toll Free 1-888-WDNRINF 

150,000 Acres of Public Land

Public Land Available to Hunt

  • Burnett County Forest
  • Governor Knowles State Forest
  • 11 wildlife areas
  • St. Croix National Scenic Riverway


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