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FishBowl Bar in Danbury, WI

FishBowl Bar in Danbury, WI

You voted, and the FishBowl Bar in Danbury, WI is the top Burnett County tavern of 2017!

People call it the pride of Danbury Wisconsin. Everyone has a story about the FishBowl, including the writer behind this keyboard (but I’m not telling mine!).

Featuring great drink specials and even better company, the FishBowl is definitely a great place to gather. Also serving lunch and dinner, be sure to grab a bite to eat as well!

Enjoy the game room, or one of many special events throughout the year.

One happy customer has this to say:

“Great food, great service, good drink prices and specials. A very well managed place with good atmosphere and vibes. If you’re in Danbury head to the Fishbowl!”