Fishing | Burnett County’s 2019 Top Water Experience


You voted, and the winner of the best water experience is the year-round fishing!

For fishing enthusiasts, you’ll enjoy our abundant waters as you reel in bass, musky, northern pike, bluegill, walleye and other pan fish. Prehistoric sturgeon swim the waters of the Yellow River, one of the more elusive catches. Ice fishing is a mainstay in Burnett County, where you’ll find lakes dotted with ice houses and tip-ups. Many of the locals argue the fishing is even better in winter months.

Come find your trophy in Burnett County.

Accepting the award is the Burnett County Lakes & Rivers Association

The Burnett County Lakes & Rivers Association’s purpose is to promote the environmental protection of Burnett County’s lakes and rivers and its attendant wildlife resources, to share information, projects, results, costs and other ideas for the benefit of the general public, lake districts, lake associations and in general, maintain and improve the quality of Burnett County’s lakes and rivers.

They welcome anyone interested in joining as individual member if the lake they’re on doesn’t have a lake association or if they are interested in starting a lake association


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