Forts Folle Avoine | Burnett County’s 2018 Top Culture/History Experience

photo by Forts Folle Avoine
photo by Forts Folle Avoine

You voted, and the winner of the best culture/history experience is Forts Folle Avoine!

Burnett County is home to a truly unique historical attraction in Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park. This 80-acre park is the site of two early 1800s fur trading posts which had sat undisturbed for over 160 years before being discovered in 1969. With the careful and dedicated support of the Burnett County Historical Society, the trading posts were reconstructed in the 1980s as a way for residents and visitors to continue connecting with the area’s history.

The Burnett County Historical Society at Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park provides educational opportunities to the public by researching, preserving, and teaching the history of Burnett County