Scenic ATV Trails | Burnett County’s 2018 Top Trail Experience

photo by Nancy Herman
photo by Nancy Herman

You voted, and the winner of best trail experience is our scenic ATV trail system.

Join us in Burnett County for some of the most scenic ATV trails in the region. With over 300 miles of  winter-use ATV/UTV and snowmobile trails, expertly maintained by local clubs, you’ll find a full day of fun out here.

Follow 50 miles of summer ATV/UTV trails across the county – all connected to an even larger regional network.

For more information about our ATV trails, CLICK HERE.

Accepting the award on behalf of our county-wide ATV trail system is Turf & Tundra ATV Trails Association.

Turf and Tundra was founded in the spring of 1998. At that time there were no defined trails or routes in Burnett county. Since that time the club has worked hard to get the current trail system and routes in.

Currently they have over 150 members in the club, along with 51 business members that help support their efforts. They welcome you to join their club, with the help of members the trail system can only get better.