July/August Outdoor Report – Farside Outdoors

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Farside Outdoors.

I hope Everyone has had a safe and fun fourth of July. I’ve probably spent most of it on the water despite the heavy traffic, but the fireworks have been fun to watch.

Its still pretty early but I guess its a way of life to watch for ducks and geese- I just can’t wait for the big opening day on September 29th this year. I’ve seen lots of wood ducks and honkers in our area but thats mainly because somebody feeds the local wildlife corn every summer. It’s getting more interesting however- because we are also seeing more and more mallards in the area, which is fine with me because I love mallards. Finest eating duck this side of the country.

Earlier in the month I gave a fishing report on Facebook within a half mile of Voyageur Village in Danbury, WI. Well i haven’t been out on the water as often as i want to but I got back out on this day (7/11/18) and Got into a pretty good bite on the south end of the lake near Voyageur. I’d also like to take a moment to tell everyone to be careful when unhooking pike. I finally got bit by one on my wrist and it really hurt but probably because the sucker lost a tooth in me, otherwise I am alive and well or you wouldn’t be reading this report.

I spent a week in new richmond and took home some knowledge thanks to Russell Shilts, we went to a dam lock with crawlers and rods rigged with a small split shot and small egg weight and took out some nice small mouth, I learned to always keep tension on the line; and also how something so simple can catch so many fish! We also caught red horse suckers, catfish, trout, and a couple walleyes both times we went there and I also caught my first small mouth in the process. Lots of things I will never forget as I continue the Walk of Life.

August early Report:

As we speak I’m gearing up for part two of my Burnett county exploration- I will be on the hunt for everything from crappies to catfish and walleyes to muskies, I went out yesterday (at the time of this writing) and even though the sunburn got rough I was able to land enough fish to call the lake fishable (more details to come.)  the scouting trip spawned when I offered a family friend an opportunity to fish with Farside- he wanted to fish sturgeon but I’ve decided to go all in and give him the full Farside Experience. Will let you know how it goes next month!

With waterfowl season rapidly approaching the geese have started getting into their family bunches and the ducks colors have changed which means if you’re hunting early teal season this September watch what you’re shooting at! I’ve been seeing mainly wood ducks and mallards but that could change any day as the teal are early migrators in the states.

In closing I’d like to throw in one of my personal favorite recipes from Russells buddies— he gave to me after a trip to South Dakota this past spring which is essentially snow geese fried in butter.

This is a simple recipe and can also be done with ducks and honkers.


You will need

  • 2-4 breast (cut into strips)
  • approximate one cup of flour or so
  • some butter (Ive done okay with half a stick)
  • and one whole red onion chopped.
  • First cut up your breast meat
  • Coat Meat in Flour
  • Chop onion and sweat it down in Olive oil.
  • in a separate pan add butter and set to medium-high
  • place pieces in gradually giving space to flip.
  • You will know its time to flip when the fluid starts to seep through on the upside of the meat (Whole time should be about 4 minutes)
  • Once the meat is done add some salt and pepper and eat with sauce &/or onions.


Pictured: me and Russ after our fishing excursion; I love the man! He’s one of my favorite mentors in the woods. Also pictured Al Nerby from the 2018 spring season- had a ball!