The Anticipation: Life of a Waterfowler

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Waterfowler’s have become a dying breed, but those of us left have become excited for the season to come. Some of us have our old spots with blinds already in place, others like to roam and find new areas and new opportunities. The season never really ends, there’s always preparations to be made and the anticipation never dies. Our routine gets simple once we get close enough, and we know what we are doing more than any other human being. There’s more to the art than just going out and shooting. When we have our routines down, nothing ever gets in our way.

Six Days Before Opener.

It’s time to get your gear detailed; waders, guns, boats, decoys, decide whether to get new ones or ride them out for another season. Make sure the dog is in peak condition, make sure you are in peak condition between the stops as Kwik Trip and iHop.

Five Days Before Opener.

It’s time to get our boats out and go look around, see what’s in the area and maintain some blinds. Count how many birds you see, it always determines where you want to go.

Four Days Before Opener.

Time to look around, find back up plans. Find backup plans to your backup plans. And make sure you always have a spot to impress your friends with. Nothing excites them more than hearing you say with a grin, “I got the right spot.” Study the exact spot birds go, when you’re in the field you can always fix mistakes but always try to be in the right place at the right time.

Three Days Before Opener.

Always be prepared, many know they’re great shots and others think they are. But whether you’re good or bad bring extra ammo, whatever you think you need buy more. Ammo isn’t growing on trees as much as we’d like it to.

Two Days Before Opener.

Because Ammo might be in short supply, brush up on your shooting. Everyone gets rusty during the off season, it’s always essential to make sure you hit what you’re aiming and and your ammo hits what you aim at. When you’re hunting, it’s either hit them or miss them. Never lose the meat Under any circumstance.

One Day Before Opener.

Time to make your final decisions; where to go and What to bring. Weather always is superior, it’s up to you how you hunt it. Wind makes each spot different, and weather makes some spots more important than the others.

Before bed always make sure you have what you need, whatever you don’t think you need bring it. Because there’s always a time when you need something and don’t have it. Feed the dog and hit the sack, set the alarm early and get to your spot early. Always expect the unexpected, nothing excites us more than opening day.

Opening Day.

Opening day is for you to write, nobody knows how opening day is gonna happen. But we do know that when it happens the rest of the season is destined to get better, all I will write is we wake up early or don’t sleep at all and the rest of the day is